How to get acquainted?

Whether you are single or not, I believe, you are missing getting socialised with others. If you are in happy relationship, you are lucky enough to spend the times with your partner, but if you are not, you are more likely keen on finding ways how to meet someone new.

  • Tinder – if you use a dating app, use it only to set up a face to face date. It is nice to be texting with someone. But you will never get to know their charisma, if you don´t meet them. And why to waste your time with someone, who does not want to meet for whatever reasons.



Random talks – people still are here. They did not disappear. If you can´t meet them in a bars, pubs or restaurants, they must be someplace else. Just keep looking and get engaged. People tend not to talk too much these days. We all are disappointed with our government and the ways, how they handle the measures. Plus, the weather changes make us tired and lack the energy. But if we start chatting with someone. We can only gain. If the person shut us down, that´s their loss, not ours. They could have met a new friend or a partner. If we expand the random chat in conversation, we are more likely to meet someone we like. Or to meet someone, who will introduce us to someone we like.




  • Original date ideas – young people on dating apps would be quite honest in what they are looking for. Some would use ONS (one-night stand) in their bio. It is fair to others, who also want one-night stand dates. But many of them don´t know, they are shutting their doors of possibilities. They might get ONS date, but because they are too direct, they get less responses. On the other hand, for those, who use “serious relationship only” in their bio, it is also not too lucky choice. Because even if we want a serious relationship, we don´t know, who we want it with yet. Best erotic massage Prague is on the other hand, activity to do. It will be great fun for both of you. It is not too sexual, but not too serious. It is somewhere in the middle, and certainly this is something very original to do with people you want to get to know better and impress them.

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